How Much Can We Change Things Should We Try

Posted on March 6, 2016 By

How much can we change things? With yet more suicide bombings, world peace seems a long way off! In our little bit of Spain it feels very peaceful. Shop keepers are sprucing up their shops, and bars are pulling up their blinds ready for a new season After two days of rain, the first really wet time this winter everything seems clean and fresh. My leg plaster-cast is off and I am once again able to walk along the beach. The clear water of the Mar-Menor, ripples on the sand.

Whilst we obviously feel for the disaster victims, the homeless, the hungry it is difficult for the individual to make a difference. Even the various governments don’t seem to be making much progress at the moment. we can all donate, but it is like a drop in the ocean, there is too much to put right. There is the quandary do we feed them fishes or teaching them to be fishermen.

Is there an answer? Will it all eventually get solved, war victims flooding into Europe. Immigration. There are hungry and homeless everywhere. No wonder people just get on with their lives in apparent oblivion.

Each society has its own expectations, its own customs and rules, maybe it isn’t up to the affluent west to try and fix the world and impose our values onto others; sometimes it seems to make things worse.

In the animal world the fittest survive and others become extinct, maybe that is the bigger picture. It would only take a couple of pandemics to change the face of the world.

Why should we assume we are right, because we have more money, fancy goods etc. Some of these underdeveloped people are happier than those in the western world with stress and suicides etc. So although we feel sorry for the victims of disaster and our own homeless, sleeping rough, or the lonely or hungry, we can donate but it doesn’t really fix the problem, our society is changing quicker than we are adapting, with the break-up of the extended family, and our growing delight in must have technology.

So I guess, like tribes from ages past, we should look after our own and get on with our lives. So here we are wintering in Spain, where this winter has been exceptionally warm and sunny. We should be thankful at what we have, we are only on the earth for a limited time and make our individual dreams come true.

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