Urbanization An Analysis

Posted on March 12, 2016 By

Urbanization is a process where people shift to city areas from villages and other backward rural areas in search of ample job opportunities. This is not a modern phenomenon as it has been happening since long in almost all the parts of the world. People feel more fascinated towards the modern living opportunities of city life. With the sustainable growth of economy of a nation as a whole, people who are inhabited in remotely located places, also feel to get uplifted as they are directly or indirectly impressed by the emerging economy and prosperity of people living in the city areas where industrial revolution has taken place and immensely affected the lifestyle of the countrymen.

Industrial revolution was one of the main driving forces which led the rural people to adopt the pattern of city life. Rural workers who sought good job opportunities moved to the cities to explore the new economic opportunities and to develop social mobility. Likewise, safety concerns in rural areas and the want of specialist services also took people to cities. Students who sought best education also moved to the cities to become noble citizens and best professionals in their field. Plus, the best medical services in the cities also made people to welcome city life. A variety of attractive professional/ideal careers such as administrative officers, military officers, high level business entrepreneurs are the resources of inspiration to the youngsters of the rural areas who feel deprived of attaining such high positions.

The process of Urbanization, in a way, led to a constant growth in the overall production in a variety of industrial sectors which accelerated the economic growth of a nation. Besides, there became a dramatic growth in commerce and trade which helped the country to develop as a whole. There is much possibility that people who shift to urban areas can get better job opportunities. High quality educational institutes are accessible for the future generation of those who are willing to adopt urban life. There can be a drastic change in the living standard of these people as all sorts of facilities for high quality life are available within the urban areas where they propose to live in.

Due to these beneficial points, the tendency of individuals moving from rural to urban regions is increasing day by day. But as there are two sides of a coin, so obviously Urbanization has its own negative points too. The excessive population of a city is responsible for many problems such as overcrowded areas, pollution, greediness, malpractices of making money etc. People ignore human values and give more priorities to the methods of earning more money. There is always undue exploitation of natural resources causing shortage of water resources. In all directions, the crowded cities seem to be slums from all sides. There is always intolerable sound pollution because of the manufacturing units of factories in the industrial areas and due to innumerable vehicles. Like sound pollution, water pollution can also be dangerous to the people as it creates direct or indirect perils to the people which leads to countless serious diseases like swine flu, bird flu etc. Thus city life has a plethora of advantages and disadvantages to offer to the inhabitants. So we can say that the process of urbanization is a boon as well as curse to humanity.